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Intelligence-Driven Risk Management

In today's world, threats can occur anytime and anywhere, even in locations traditionally thought of as safe. The availability of fast, accurate threat intelligence is critical to a risk management strategy.

As a risk manager, you need to know where your people are, if they are impacted by a particular threat or crisis, and how to reach them to provide assistance. You need access to this mission-critical information immediately and reliably.

WorldAware helps you:

  •     Keep your people informed of threats
  •     Provide location-based incident reporting
  •     Gain visibility into threat exposures and risk to your
        people and facilities
  •     Engage in two-way communication to confirm safety of
        your people

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A Program Tailored to Your Unique Needs

At the center of our products and services is the expertise of over 120 intelligence and security experts who are watching all corners of the globe for geopolitical, security, culture, environmental, health, transportation,  and other threats that put your people and your business at risk.

Every business is different, and every business continuity and risk management strategy has different requirements. We will work closely with you to develop a custom approach that incorporates the intelligence, technology, and assistance assets needed to ensure the safety of your organization's people, facilities, and operations.

Global Assistance and Response

Our team of professionals can help you get ahead of a potential crisis with a comprehensive plan in place that incorporates appropriate protocols and preparation. We partner with your organization to define goals, identify gaps, and create a comprehensive security program specific to your enterprise needs.

Should a situation arise, a team of response professionals are at the ready 24/7 to advise, plan, or conduct a security operation to safeguard your personnel or act rapidly to provide precise, pre-crisis or crisis assistance.

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"I want to let you know how much I appreciate such emails proactively sent to business travelers who may be impacted by a weather situation. As a traveler here in Atlanta not being familiar with the surrounding area, it caused me to feel anxious when I heard the news that a hurricane is heading our way. This email makes me feel that the company cares for my safety and my well-being, and that means a lot especially when you have no one to count on in such situation."

- WorldAware Client

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