Best Practices for Establishing a Duty of Care Policy

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Understand legal liabilities associated with duty of care and a 3-step approach to assess your risk management policy.

Understanding Duty of Care

Duty of care acts as a powerful principle in determining corporate responsibility. As organizations expand their operations (and their risk profiles), employees and other stakeholders are exposed to an increased number and variety of risks. Ensuring the safety and resiliency of all people and operations should be an organizational priority.

A proactive approach toward developing and implementing duty of care practices can minimize liability risks while optimizing your risk management strategy.

Included in the whitepaper:

  • International duty of care laws
  • How to ensure your policies do not increase your organization's legal liabilities
  • Best practices to assess your organizational readiness
  • How to safeguard your people and operations

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3 Steps to Evaluate your Risk Management Policy

Learn about duty of care liabilities and best practices in your operating environment.


Assess your current systems for managing duty of care.


Continuously communicate, train, and update your risk management policy.


Learn more about each of these elements to assess your risk management policy for operational resiliency.

Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management

Duty of care has become an increasingly important consideration for those involved with travel risk management. Personnel on business travel and expat assignments are generally at higher risk of harm than employees working in a single office environment.

As an organization, you have a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of these personnel.

Corporate travel, security, HR, risk, and legal professionals are all responsible for duty of care. An enhanced travel risk management program is an essential part of a duty of care assessment.

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Assessing Your Operations

You should be proactive in researching duty of care issues based on your operations and geographic interest. Monitoring trends will allow for a clearer understanding of duty of care standards as they apply to your organization, both in terms of legal obligations and industry best practices. This is particularly important for organizations operating in developing markets, where legal protections are uneven at the same time that standards are rapidly evolving.

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