Risk: Where Might it Find You

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A look at key threats to people and organizations around the world.

Managing risk in a world with widespread instability and growing threats is a challenge all leaders face.

A look back at this past year is proof that even the most prepared organizations remain vulnerable. As we head into 2021, it’s essential for organizations to remain vigilant as the new year is expected to bring forward many of the same uncertainties of 2020.

In collaboration with WorldAware, Crisis 24’s annual risk intelligence forecast evaluates various threats around the world that could impact your people and business operations. While the full report is available only to clients and partners, we are pleased to make available an Executive Summary of the full report and the suite of risk maps.

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COVID-19 Vaccine

Brexit Transition

Strategic Relationship Between Russia and Turkey

Arab States Relationship with Israel

Demonstrations in APAC

Recovery of Air Travel Following Pandemic

Elections in Africa

Political Uncertainty in Chile

Climate Change

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