Annual LGBTQ

Global Risk Report  

Assess the Risks Facing LGBTQ Individuals

2019 Periodic Risk Intelligence and Security Monitor (PRISM) Executive Summary

The Periodic Risk Intelligence and Security Monitor (PRISM) report assesses the threat environment faced by members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) community around the globe. Learn about risks to LGBTQ persons in various regions to ensure the safety of your people and organization.

In this Executive Summary, you’ll find:

  • Regional summaries of attitude and acceptance levels towards the LGBTQ community
  • Easy-to-read maps showing risk rating by country
  • Trends in legislation and politics affecting the LGBTQ community

Download the PRISM Executive Summary to help support your organization's travel risk management plan and to aid in developing standardized security precautions and a company response infrastructure to ensure the safe travel of LGBTQ personnel. 

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Duty of Care for LGBTQ Personnel

PSAR Rating Scale

PRISM covers attitudes, events, and issues that have the potential to affect the safety of LGBTQ persons. To create the PRISM Security Assessment Rating (PSAR) map, each country is evaluated by looking at a composite of how both the government and society treat the local LGBTQ community. That evaluation is visualized as a PSAR rating that grades the risk to LGBTQ persons on a scale of minimal to severe.

Country ratings and the PSAR map are available in the Executive Summary. Get the report now to help form your travel risk management program and ensure the safety of your LGBTQ personnel. 

Request the 2019 PRISM Executive Summary.

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