2019 Peak Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast

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Hurricane Season Forecast

Hurricane Peak Season Forecast and 

Business Continuity Tips 

Historically, more than 80% of hurricane activity has occurred after August 15. Meteorologists consider mid-September as the climatological peak of hurricane season, so it's important to monitor forecasts to prepare for storm activity.

Find out what to expect for the remainder of the Atlantic hurricane season and get best practices to prepare, monitor, and respond to tropical developments.

With this forecast, you'll find: 

  • This year's peak hurricane season forecast
  • Business continuity tips
  • Key factors that will influence 2019 tropical activity
  • Overview of the 2018 and 2019-to-date hurricane season & how it will affect the next few months

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Prepare for peak hurricane season and access business continuity tips.

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Hurricane Damage Assessment

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Hurricane Maria At-a-Glance

SInce 2017, hurricanes have caused more than  $400 billion in damage in the US alone. 

This underscores the need for proper preparedness and a business continuity plan that 

reflects best practices for hurricanes and related weather events. 

$90 Billion in Damages

Category 5 Hurricane

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